Dubai never disappoints… hmm. Beautiful as it is, it has mastered the piece of bringing together different nationalities, cultures all together and brought up an embedded home of an interculture adopted environment to suit all.

Uganda has been one of the top countries to enjoy this fraction of the piece. Ugandans are generally and naturally very humble beings, warm hearted, friendly people, very easy to adopt with and tag along at the same time.

Dubai now becoming their second home, with a population of up to 200,000 and still growing, they are naturally foodies who love their food wherever these humble beings step foot. Fudchef introduces to you their best signature meals all in a one go and to mention but a few, have you heard about Luwombo, Matoke, Kalo, the delicious Beef Gnut stew? if not you ought to. A bite or taste of any of these plus more of their meals will leave you with an everlasting grinning delight, hehe.. can you imagine that?

Now not to miss out, if you are a tourist or a resident in Dubai, find all these delicious meals on Fudchef  from Mariana and Mpombo restaurants with deliveries all around Dubai.

Fudchef, here to serve you.